Cultural perspectives on the concept of whanau and health decisions


  • Hua Dai Unitec Institute of Technology Te Pūkenga
  • Daisy Bentley-Gray Unitec Institute of Technology Te Pūkenga



culture, cultural perspectives, mindful education, whole person, Chinese, Pacific



This is a combined reflective presentation developed from the series of the Chinese and Pacific cultural perspectives workshops that the authors have designed and delivered at Unitec for the Social Practice, Medical Imaging and Bachelor of Nursing classes since 2019 as requested by their class lecturers. Sharing our own experiences and perspectives of our respective cultures at the 2022 ATLAANZ conference, “Toitū te tangata: The whole person”, we position our teaching in our natural environment, the land, and the culture of the land we currently live in and advocate for a mindful education where staff and students are supported to become culturally conscious to best serve the culturally diverse community in Aotearoa New Zealand.


Author Biographies

  • Hua Dai, Unitec Institute of Technology Te Pūkenga
    Senior Lecturer, Learning and Achievement  
  • Daisy Bentley-Gray, Unitec Institute of Technology Te Pūkenga

    Pacific Academic Development Lecturer, Interim Manager Pacific Success


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