Establishing a professional accreditation framework and core competencies for tertiary learning advisors in Aotearoa



  • Cherie Todd-Williamson Massey University



professional accreditation, core competencies, tertiary learning advisors, Aotearoa New Zealand


Professional accreditation frameworks specifically for Tertiary Learning Advisors (TLAs) have been implemented in various countries; however, Aotearoa New Zealand is yet to follow suit. There have been ongoing conversations about this since the early 2000s and this article highlights some of the recent discussions had by TLAs at the 2022 ATLAANZ Conference. In particular, this article presents a critical reflection of two sessions attended, entitled Core Competencies for Learning Advisors, and Proposal to Establish ATLAANZ Professional Recognition Scheme.

Author Biography

  • Cherie Todd-Williamson, Massey University

    Learning Advisor, Student Experience


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