A Review of Henning, M. A., Krägeloh, C. U., & Wong-Toi, G. (Eds.) (2015). Student Motivation and Quality of Life in Higher Education. Singapore: Routledge.

Yan Chen


This is a review on a book edited by Henning, Krägeloh and Wong-Toi on the theories and applications of student motivation to learn and quality of life in higher education. A key emphasis of the book is on how student motivation and quality of life is utilised in different cultural contexts. Various intervention programmes that have shown to be effective in promoting motivation and quality of life are also introduced in the book. The integrative model proposed by the editors should be of high interest to tertiary educators as it considers the application of student motivation and quality of life in promoting student academic achievement and wellbeing.


Higher Education; Motivation to Learn; Quality of Life

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