The see-saw of wellbeing

Factors influencing learning advisor wellbeing and happiness, in and outside of our work


  • Lis Roche Ara Institute of Canterbury



tertiary education, learning advising, wellbeing


Wellbeing is a commonly-used term—but what does it mean for tertiary learning advisors (TLAs), especially in the context of our professional practice? This paper reviews wellbeing literature in the disciplines of psychology, occupational health, and education, and discusses prominent models and definitions of both general and workplace wellbeing. It introduces a definition of wellbeing that proposes that individuals may manage and enhance their wellbeing by increasing or decreasing their psychological, physical and social resources and challenges, and relates this to the rewards and challenges of our TLA work, identified in recent TLA literature. This paper also examines the internal and external factors that influence an individual’s wellbeing, such as their ways of coping with stress, personal traits, and personal resources and challenges, and suggests that individuals may manage and enhance their wellbeing by engaging in positive intentional activities of their choosing. While the wellbeing literature does offer some positive activities and strategies TLAs can use, there is a need for further research in the area of TLA wellbeing, particularly in relation to the emotional element of our TLA work. 

Author Biography

  • Lis Roche, Ara Institute of Canterbury

    Kaitoko Ako / Learning Advisor
    Ara Institute of Canterbury Ltd