“Please bring a plate”

A metaphor for learning advisor practice based on Pacific values.


  • Dr Suzanne Manning Weltec/Whitireia Institute of New Zealand




learning advising, teaching and learning, Pacific, culturally-responsive pedagogy


Metaphors are powerful devices for guiding the practice of Learning Advisors, but are often used implicitly. This can result in such personal metaphors mis-guiding practice, or constraining the thinking about practice through a monocultural perspective. This paper is a response to the paper of Golding et al. (2015) in the first issue of the ATLAANZ journal, which evaluated a variety of different metaphors for Learning Advisors. The metaphor suggested in this response is based on the process of helping someone bake for a ‘please bring a plate’ function. It is an attempt to develop a metaphor that has resonance for Learning Advisors of Palagi/Western cultural backgrounds, but which is based on the values embedded in Pacific cultures. This metaphor is offered as a contribution to the philosophy of learning advising discussion: it is my ‘plate’ that I am bringing to help feed our academic community. 

Author Biography

  • Dr Suzanne Manning, Weltec/Whitireia Institute of New Zealand

    Learning Advisor
    Learning Support Services