Win-win for staff and students at Victoria University of Wellington

Ann Pocock


One successful pan-university initiative at Victoria University of Wellington has been to employ senior students as ‘Peer Writers’ alongside within the well-established Student Learning Te Taiako centre.  Peer Writers work alongside Learning Advisors to offer free one-on-one writing and study assistance for all students. Candidates must demonstrate a high level of English written and oral communication competency, and receive comprehensive training in working with students, inlcuding observing Learning Advisors and grammar skills.   Peer Writers act as role models for students at the same time as  providing Student Learning colleagues with authentic insight into the student experience. Evaluations show students value working with Peer Writers in the same way as with Learning Avisors, which eases Student Learning's workload, particularly at peak times of the academic year. Moreover, the experience of being involved in learning and teaching acts as a stepping stone for Peer Writers' future careers.


tertiary institutions; academic literacy; peer-support; learning advice;

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